The Recovery Well

TRW Treatments

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Treatments Facial Reflexology focuses on pressure points of the face.  It’s based on a theory that these areas are connected to certain organs and body systems. This is the Ziggie Bergman method. Facial Reflexology Extremely relaxing treatment which involves working on the face with massage and pressure from finger tips. Not painful, in …

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Paradise Experience

Paradise Experiences Don’t have the time or money to have a holiday? No problem! Come to The Recovery Well for a Paradise Experience that will transport you for an hour to another place. Choose from Mediterranean, Far Eastern, Tropical or Middle Eastern.;%20fullscreen%20allowfullscreen Mediterranean Paradise Imagine the wonderful aromas of the Mediterranean, the sounds of …

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Swedish massage relaxes the entire body with special techniques that use long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.  Treatments include cellulite reduction and specialist pregnancy massage as well as traditional full body and back and shoulder massages. Cellulite Reduction Massage FOR WOMEN ONLY:A swedish massage of the legs …

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Reflexology Treatments Reflexology is a technique where pressure is applied to reflexes (energy points) in the feet, hands or face.  It’s based on a theory that the reflexes are connected to certain organs and body systems. It’s a very relaxing, painless treatment. Many leave feeling on top of the world.  Reflexology Foot Massage Extremely relaxing …

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Aromatherapy Treatments Relax and unwind with an aromatherapy facial or aromatherapy massage.  Perfect for getting back in touch with your senses.  Aromatherapy Facial After a consultation I will blend essential oils specifically to your needs for a facial massage that will include decolletage (neck and shoulders) and scalp massage. This includes cleanse, tone, hot towel …

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Hot Stone Massage

A treatment involving leg, arm, back and face massage. Stimulate your circulation, lymphatic and nervous system whilst relaxing and warming you through with this gorgeous hot stone full body massage.