How to Book

To get the most out of your appointment at The Recovery Well, and maximise not only the benefits but your time before and after your treatment, it’s important that you read and understand the following information. 

Booking a Treatment

  • Book online using the booking button on any page on this site or give us a call.
  • You will receive an email or SMS (depending on your chosen notification preference) from Fresha (our online booking software provider) with important forms that need to be completed prior to your treatment (if you are unable to complete the forms online, you can complete them on-site but please arrive at least 5 minutes before to allow time). Please check your Spam/Junk folder if you don’t receive this within 24 hrs of booking.
  • Read and complete the consultation form.
  • You will be asked to confirm the appointment and accept the cancellation policy (100% deposit is required. If you prefer to not use the web to pay, please call and we can take the payment over the phone).

Before you Arrive

  • Don’t eat a heavy meal before your appointment.
  • Ideally have a bath/shower beforehand (especially if you are having an aromatherapy massage as it is beneficial to leave the oils on for at least 24 hours).
  • Please note, we will not be able to treat people with the following conditions or symptoms:
    – COVID-19
    – Fever/high temperature
    – Dry cough/sore throat
    – Thrombosis
    – Recently had an operation
    – Have any other infectious disease
    – Under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol
    – High-risk pregnancy (unless you have specific written consent from a consultant)
  • In other high-risk categories such as heart problems, diabetes etc. we will require you to get GP or consultant permission to treat first.
  • Other medical conditions may have contraindications; if you’re under the care of a consultant, please check that your intended treatment with us will not hinder/interfere with your treatment or condition before booking. If unsure, always check with your GP. You will be required to complete and sign a consultation form with medical questions before you receive treatment.
  • Our Senior Therapist, Sandra Daruwala is qualified to work with cancer patients. Please give us a call to arrange a consultation so Sandra can prepare the treatment to suit your requirements.

During your Treatment

  •  You will be received by one of the staff and either accompanied to the waiting area or if you prefer, you can browse in our relaxing shop.
  • Once it is time for your appointment you will be accompanied to the therapy room and we will then quickly check there are no changes since your last appointment (if relevant) or go through the consultation form with you to establish what will be the best approach for your treatment.consultation before getting started.
  • Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to get ready and into position on the couch or massage chair as relevant.
  • Your modesty will always be intact as you will always be expected to wear underwear and will be covered by a towel or blanket. For the ladies, if you wear a bra, you’re welcome to keep it on (or not) as long as it isn’t a sports bra/all in one as your back won’t be accessible (if back massage is part of the treatment).
  • Once your appointment is over, you can pay by card or cash if you haven’t paid already, book your next appointment if you wish, and then go home to relax 🙂

Find Out How I Can Help You

Free 15-minute consultation

So that we can get to know each other a little to make you feel comfortable with the space and therapist and to discuss your needs regarding a future treatment, we offer a free fifteen-minute consultation by appointment. Terms and conditions apply.

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