The Recovery Well

Inspired to bring wellness therapies to all

Inspired by my children and wanting to create a better quality of life for them and myself, whilst being able to help others, is what drove me to go back into education to study for a completely new profession and embark on starting my own business.

The amazing healing properties of essential oil.

I chose Complementary Therapy because I was already passionate about essential oils (I loooove the smells and how they affect me!!) since I was introduced to them when I was 16…getting on for thirty years ago (:0) and was looking for somewhere that would offer me a bonafide qualification that would be recognised on a professional level and so I found the VTCT Level 3 Complementary Therapy Course at Allen & Walden.

Since embarking on the course I have learned Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage and more recently Reflexology. I totally love it all! I am so excited and passionate about it as I can see the positive effects it has on my clients and it makes me feel good too…the relaxing movements (I have to be relaxed in order to deliver an optimal treatment), the trickle of the indoor fountain, the dark lighting, the soothing music and the warmth that makes the room like a cocoon, so relaxing that you can just drift away and not worry about a thing when you’re there. I’m not exactly a sceptic, however I have been amazed by the results and hope to continue to learn more and more and improve my techniques and offer more therapies.

In the future I am going to do an oncology course so that I am insured to work with patients with cancer. I would also like to study hot stone massage and crystal healing. I’m sure I will be adding to this list as time goes on as I love it so much.

My big future dream is to create a hub of various complementary therapists and related services under one roof where a client can go knowing that they will receive the best quality care, that it will help them and they will come away feeling better. I don’t proclaim to have miracle cures, but even if the effects of the treatment made the person relax, feel uplifted and sleep better that night, then something positive will have been achieved.