The Recovery Well

Paradise Experiences

Don’t have the time or money to have a holiday?

No problem! Come to The Recovery Well for a Paradise Experience that will transport you for an hour to another place. Choose from Mediterranean, Far Eastern, Tropical or Middle Eastern.

Mediterranean Paradise

Imagine the wonderful aromas of the Mediterranean, the sounds of birds, water, crickets…traditional, soothing music, a space that visually will evoke a sense of the Mediterranean…all this combined with a 1 hour Swedish Massage will have you feeling like you’ve just been on the best mini break without the hassle of travelling and with a lot less expense.

Treatment length:  1 hour

Far Eastern Paradise

Imagine trickling water, a steamy, hot room, bamboo, aromas of the Orient and relaxing music that will let your mind drift away to a state of peace and wellbeing…a space specifically created to transport you to the Orient…a truly sensational 1 hour massage that will give you radiance and deep relaxation.

Treatment length:  1 hour

Tropical Paradise

Escape to the Tropics at The Recovery Well! No need for vaccines here…1 hour Swedish Massage combined with sounds of the Rainforest, trickling water, fruity and exotic aromas and a room filled with a dry heat that will remind you of a sunny beach.

Treatment length:  1 hour

Middle Eastern Paradise

The haunting sounds of the call to prayer, the rhythmic, exotic, yet mysterious music combined with the intense aromas of incense and other heady spices will make your 1 hour Swedish Massage seem like you have entered another world!

Treatment length:  1 hour