The Recovery Well

Reflexology Treatments

Reflexology focuses on massage of the feet, applying pressure to different areas.  It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Extremely relaxing treatment which involves working the feet with massage and pressure from finger tips. Not painful, in fact most of my clients have fallen asleep during treatment. Benefits include improved sleep, deep relaxation, improved circulation, removal of toxins from the body, lower blood pressure and helps to relieve pain in some cases.

Treatment length:  1 hour

VIP Reflexology

Consultation, foot soak using dead sea salts or Epsom salts (depending on the requirement) and a blend of essential oils tailored to you, surrounded by relaxing and soothing sounds, sights and aromas (optional guided meditation can be added), then a fluffy towel to dry those relaxed, super clean feet and one hour of amazing, relaxing reflexology!

Treatment length:  1 hour 30 mins

VIP Reflexology with Meditation

Pamper yourself even more with this luxurious foot soak in my relaxing treatment room, warm and surrounded by soothing music and amazing aromas followed by a guided meditation that will remove you from your daily worries and struggles into a peaceful safe place within your mind and to top it off an amazing foot reflexology treatment that will re-balance you body and mind as well as achieving a deep state of relaxation.

Treatment length:  1 hour 40 mins