The Recovery Well


In order to get the most out of your treatment, it's extremely beneficial for you to continue taking measures to help yourself. Here's how:


After a bath or shower, use your favourite oil, cream or body lotion

Rub your skin using firm strokes from the extremities of the hands or feet towards the heart this will help skin condition and circulation and aid the clearing of deoxygenated blood that takes away waste products and toxins and replaces with oxygenated blood full of nutrients, oxygen and hormones.

Keep hydrated

Ideally with water, not the flavoured type as they tend to be full of sugar and other preservatives. Green teas are excellent for the body but keep caffeine in tea and coffee to a minimum.


I am not a dietitian, however a good amount of fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds are always recommended to deliver nutrients and vitamins needed to be healthier. Non processed foods are also highly recommended.


Depending on your general health and lifestyle it is advisable to do some regular exercise which will benefit mobility,  mood and physique. 


Meditation can be really beneficial to find a quiet space for mind and body to relax and re-centre. For meditation techniques see Headspace.  I also offer a 1-1 guided meditation within my treatment room which is extremely relaxing!



Obviously the risks associated with smoking are widely advertised however something not noted on a public scale is that when one breathes in cigarette smoke it gradually kills the little hair like cells (cilia) that line the windpipe going to the lungs. These cells act as filters from external pollutants in the air. As the cells die and don’t regenerate, as far as the medical world can determine, the individuals susceptibility to allergies continues to increase. For support with giving up smoking see NHS Stop Smoking


The recommended amounts are widely advertised for your health but try to keep alcohol to a minimum and if you do consume it make sure to drink lots of water to flush out toxins after.

Sugary foods

It has been proven that a major factor in the development of cancer is sugar therefore keeping sugary foods to a minimum is advised. 
(Reference The Real Meal Revolution by Jonno Proudfoot, Sally-Ann Creed, and Tim Noakes).