The Recovery Well


FREE One Hour treatment for selected Home Start Thanet members.

Having benefited myself, from charities such as Oasis, Christians Against Poverty,  Home Start and my local church I am pledging time to a selected charity that will allow a parent coming away from an abusive relationship a chance to receive a free treatment.

Home Start Thanet

Home Start offer support to families in Thanet from all backgrounds and in varied circumstances with children under the age of 11 years old.

The staff, who work closely with the children and parents, will select a candidate each week that they think will benefit from a treatment with me and who wouldn’t normally (due to their circumstances) be able to access it.

If you are in need of support, please visit their website Home Start Thanet where you can find more information and make a self-referral.

Their programmes include:

A Parent’s Guide

A Guide to Home Start Thanet – Support Services


Home Start also need volunteers to help with the children and families.  You will be offered full training. For more information see Volunteering at Home Start Thanet.

My story with Home Start...

After having my second child and becoming a single mum, I really struggled with my mental health and managing daily life in general. I was assessed by a member of staff from Home Start and offered support through their scheme by having a volunteer assigned to me once a week for an hour or two. It was essential for me to regain some equilibrium and control in my life so I could be better as a person and parent. This is the main reason I choose to support Home Start so that others going through similar circumstances can not only benefit from Home Start’s amazing service but also have a healing and balancing treatment that will also help point the individual towards the road to recovery or purely offer an opportunity to have some relaxing time for themselves.