Reflexology is a technique where pressure is applied to reflexes (energy points) in the feet, hands or face. It’s based on a theory that the reflexes are connected to certain organs and body systems. It’s a very relaxing, painless treatment. Many leave feeling on top of the world. 



Our menu of treatments


Foot Reflexology

Extremely relaxing treatment which involves working the feet with massage and pressure from fingertips. Not painful, in fact, most of my clients have fallen asleep during treatment. Benefits include improved sleep, deep relaxation, improved circulation, removal of toxins from the body, lower blood pressure and helping to relieve pain and inflammation in some cases.
Bespoke Aromatherapy option for an additional £5.

1 hour: £50.00


VIP Reflexology

Consultation, a luxurious foot soak using dead sea salts or Epsom salts (depending on the requirement) and a blend of essential oils tailored to you, surrounded by relaxing and soothing sounds, sights and aromas, then a fluffy towel to dry those relaxed, super clean feet and one hour of amazing, relaxing reflexology using a bespoke blended reflexology wax with therapeutic essential oils.

1 hour 30 minutes: £85.00


VIP Reflexology with Meditation

All bells and whistles for this pampering treatment with a luxurious foot soak followed by a guided meditation that will remove you from your daily worries and struggles into a peaceful safe place within your mind and to top it off an amazing foot reflexology treatment with bespoke blended reflexology wax including therapeutic essential oils that will re-balance your body and mind as well as achieving a deep state of relaxation.

1 hour 40 minutes: £90.00


Facial Reflexology

Using the Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology, you can put aside your daily worries and struggles and drift into a peaceful state of bliss with an amazing facial reflexology treatment that will re-balance your body and mind as well as achieve a deep state of relaxation.
Bespoke Aromatherapy option for an additional £5.

1 hour: £55.00


Stress Buster Massage

A quicker but still relaxing reflexology treatment involving foot massage focusing on reflex points for an overall rebalance for people on the go.

30 minutes: £35.00

Reflexology Aftercare

Always drink lots of water following a treatment to flush out toxins being removed from the body. If you had a blend with essential oils used, be mindful of exposing skin to full sun for at least the next 24 hours (check with your therapist).

Find Out How I Can Help You

Free 15-minute consultation

So that we can get to know each other a little to make you feel comfortable with the space and therapist and to discuss your needs regarding a future treatment, we offer a free fifteen-minute consultation by appointment. Terms and conditions apply.

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