The Recovery Well


To get the most out of your appointment at The Recovery Well, and maximise not only the benefits, but your time before and after your treatment, it's important that you read an understand the following information.

Before your appointment

  • Don't eat a heavy meal before your appointment.
  • Please note, I will not be able to treat people with the following conditions:
    - Thrombosis
    - Fever/high temperature
    - Recently had an operation
    - Have an infectious disease
    - Under the influence of recreation drugs or alcohol - High risk pregnancy
  • In other high risk categories such as heart problems, diabetes etc. I will require you to get GP or consultant permission to treat first.
  • Other medical conditions may have contraindications; if you're under the care of a consultant, please check that your intended treatment with me will not hinder/interfere with your treatment or condition before booking. If unsure, always check with your GP. You will be required to complete and sign a consultation form with medical questions before you receive treatment.
  • I can work with cancer patients ONLY if you get approval from your Oncologist first. You will be asked to sign a declaration to say that you have done this.
  • I intend to gain a qualification in oncology related massage therapy as soon as possible so I can be insured to treat cancer patients without this being necessary.

Ways to pay

I accept cash or card or you can add card details on my booking site that will be kept secure so your card can be debited at checkout hassle free.  

Vouchers are available for any amount you would like, or for a specific treatment.

Late, Cancellation & No Show Policy

Reasons for this policy

For you:

If you booked it then you thought you needed it, so making it not so easy to cancel or forget will be beneficial to you in the long run.  It is unfair on other clients that attend scheduled appointments regularly and on time. They could also be using the slot that was cancelled or missed.

For The Recovery Well:

To deter missed appointments.  As a small business which sustains myself and two children, I’m reliant on a consistent income from the business.  Any number of missed of appointments could have a severe impact.

Being late for your appointment

If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment I will have to reschedule your appointment and charge a fixed fee of £15.

If you arrive within the first 15 minutes of your appointment I will continue with your treatment but finish it at the arranged time (so you will receive a shorter treatment).


Cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment will incur a fee of 50% of the treatment price.

No Shows

No shows will incur 100% fee.

Obviously life happens and I am aware there can be extenuating circumstances and I therefore hold the right to waive the fee as I see fit.

Free Consultations

Consultations have the value of £15 but are free if attended, however the cancellation policy will apply to the value as follows.

Cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment will incur a fee of 50% of the consultation price.

No shows will incur 100% fee of £15.

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